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higher speeds) and combined (a mixture of the two). A wider range of driving situations (urban, suburban, main road and motorway) More dynamic and representative accelerations and decelerations; Higher average and maximum drive power; Longer test. It is made up. .

'Urban' used in conjunction with mpg typically refers to the fuel consumption of the vehicle driven in city or town conditions.

3 miles (7 km).

The extra-urban cycle, designed to simulate open road conditions, is conducted immediately after the urban test.

Imperial extra-urban fuel consumption (mpg) The extra-urban cycle is conducted immediately following the urban cycle and consists roughly half steady speed driving and the remainder accelerations, decelerations and some idling.

Urban & Extra-urban figures.


. The amount of fuel a car uses has a huge bearing on its running costs, so many buyers pay close attention to this factor. BMW 7er (E23, facelift 1983) 732i Automatic ( petrol, 1983) 7. This normally involves stop/start driving, braking and.

. org/wiki/Fuel_economy_in_automobiles" h="ID=SERP,6053. Most vehicles have much higher fuel consumption on the ‘urban’ part of the test cycle, which features a low average speed (19 km/h), substantial idle periods (30%) and.

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It differs from the previous process in a number of ways, although all tests will continue to be conducted in a laboratory allowing meaningful comparisons between cars to be.

The test journey includes phases for: Generally,. City driving yeilds higher fuel consumption due to shorter trips, lots of stop/start, idling in traffic, etc.

. Since April 2009, a new improved fuel consumption label has been required on showroom vehicles.


The extra-urban cycle fuel consumption has two significant components: fuel consumption at average speed and during accelerations, and therefore, in the model, it is determined separately for two different operating modes: average speed and accelerations. This label was created at the time of the rulemaking.

The real environment impacts the fuel and energy consumption of any vehicle: technology, physical and social phenomena, traffic, drivers’ behaviour, and so on.

Combined MPG measures a vehicle’s efficiency.

Operating cycle of the extra-urban cycle on the dynamometer.

Fuel consumption (extra-urban conditions) (l/100 km) (1) Eurlex2019. At present, the rapid urbanization and traffic motorization in China aggravate the problem of urban road congestion. In each of these modes fuel consumption is calculated based on the efficiency of the. .

The first part (urban) represents a vehicle operating in stop/start traffic at low speeds and loads. . 5 l/100km / 24. It is made up.

higher speeds) and combined (a mixture of the two).

higher speeds) and combined (a mixture of the two). May 27, 2017 · Since city driving tends to mean rougher roads and frequent stopping and starting, this number tends to be the lowest of the three. The maximum speed of the EUDC cycle is 120.

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The lower the value, the more economic a vehicle is (the less fuel it needs to travel a certain distance); this is the measure generally used across Europe (except the UK, Denmark and The Netherlands - see below), New Zealand, Australia and.

The urban cycle is:. eurlex. Fuel consumption figures are expressed as urban, extra urban and combined, measured according to ECE Regulations 83 and 101 – which are the based on the European driving cycle; previously, only the combined number was given. Firstly, why do manufacturers always quote fuel economy figures for Urban & Extra-urban? Can they just not say "Town" and "Motorway" instead? What does "Combined" mean? 50% town + 50% motorway? Secondly, at what speed these figures are measured? How nearer to these figures one can go under normal driving conditions?.